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1.Help with travel arrangements
2.Escort to appointments
3.Visit neighbours and friends
4.Arrange appointments
5.Stimulate mental awareness
6.Assist with clothing selection
7.Monitor diet and eating
8.Record family history 
9.Participate in hobbies and crafts
10.Rent and play films
11.Accompany to lunch or dinner
12.Attend club mettings and sporting events
13.Assist with entertaining
14.Help with reading
15.Buy magazines, papers and books
16.Plan visits, outings and trips
17.Attend plays or conterts
18.Reminisce about past
19.Discuss current/historical events, etc.


1.Dusting and vacuuming
2.Provide light housekeeping
3.Help with washing and ironing
4.Organise wardrobes and cupboards
5.Make bed and change bed linen 
6.Take out rubbish
7.Check food expiry date
8.Prepare shopping list
9.Oversee deliveries
10 Help with general shoppin
11.Meal preparation and tidy away
12.Care for houseplants
13.Supervise home maintenance
14.Drop off and collect dry cleaning
16.Answer the door
17.Collect prescriptions

1.Assist with morning/wake up
2.Assist with evening/tuck in
3.Provide medication reminders
4.Assist with eating
5.Provide grooming
6.Assist with dressing 
7.Help with incontinence care
8.Dementia care
9.Parkinson’s Care
10.Alzheimer's care
11.Help with bathing
12.Provide convalescence care
13.Provide respite care
14.Cancer Care
15.Palliative Care

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